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We value efficiency and reliability over everything else. Optimyzen focuses on long term relationship with the clients rather than just temporary short term gains

Why Choose Us?

Multiple VPS Providers to Choose from

We provide you with the freedom to choose any reputed and reliable VPS provider you prefer. We recommend DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud, OVH and Hetzner.

We Manage the Stack for You

You have to touch no single code to set/manage your site. We manage all the backend stuff.

Transparent and Solid Service

Our main priorities are Complete Transparency and Performant Solutions. You will be able to monitor and access all your assigned resources by yourself. We also provide root access to the servers if you prefer.

Included Features with Every Plan

Free SSL

Every site is secured with free SSL certificates powered by Let's Encrypt

Free CDN

Low-latency content availability globally with Cloudflare CDN

Ultra Fast DNS

Every DNS record is powered and managed by Cloudflare, the fastest DNS resolver

Uptime Monitoring

Out of the box server and website uptime monitoring included

LiteSpeed Servers

By default, our hosting stack is backed by high performance LiteSpeed Enterprise or OpenLiteSpeed servers

Server Level Caching

No more headache regarding page caching. Our hosting is pre-equipped with Server-level page caching powered by LSCache

Reliable SSD Storage

10-20x faster than traditional HDD storage, all our plans include highly available SSD storage

2FA Set at Server Level

Not only just WordPress, but our servers are also secured with 2FA paired with SSH Keys

One-to-one Support

Reliable and responsive support as managed hostings should provide you with

Up-to-date Software and PHP

We hate outdated and unsecure versions of software as you do. With ZenexWeb, you'll always have the most recent and reliable software upadates

No Surprise Bills

We are transparent about our pricing. You will be charged at a fixed rate until you actually upgrade your plan as needed

HTTP/3, QUIC, TLS 1.3 Compatible

We always thrive to be compatible with all latest and more performant technology as they get available


Our pricing strategy is simple and transparent. In short, based on your needs and traffic levels, we'll suggest you our preferred VPS size and provider. Then, You'll be provided a fixed monthly cost for your site(s). Just contact us to get started.
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